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U.S. scientists have developed a bionic plastic

        Scientists have developed a "self-healing" biomimetic synthetic plastic, the plastic is scratched,???? bleeding in the skin out of the red liquid, but with the light, temperature and acidity, the wound can heal. Scientists say, ????? this material is expected for the mobile computer housing, automotive varnish and even medicine and other areas.
        ????? Once the Chemical Society, the lead investigator, Professor Marek said new Bionic plastic trying to mimic the natural resilience. pet??? When it is damaged skin injury, out of the red liquid, and a signal.??? But with the changes in light, temperature and acidity, the red liquid solidification, to fill the wound, the color of recovery as ever, like a newborn. This material may be used in the automotive, aerospace, medicine and other fields. ???? A few months ago, Japan's Nissan manufactured the first shell can be self-healing mobile phone. If this technology is widely used, people no longer live in fear, fear of scratching damaged mobile phones,pet?? computers, cars and other valuables. Bionic plastic red signal injury to serve as a warning,pet?? and light and are not afraid of loss, the future is likely to replace some steel products.?????
         ????? Professor Marek said that the new plastic is mainly based on the water instead of toxic substances, ????? not only repeated use of more environmentally friendly compared to traditional plastic. ???? The integration of high-temperature plastic Marek and his team in the future research directions.
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